lauantai 1. elokuuta 2009

International 5.5 m class yacht FIN-15 Kisen

According to our visitor statistics we seem to have quite a number of international guests visiting our site and unfortunately there has been really little information so far on this site for anyone not fluent in Finnish. No big changes on this subject can be expected, as we barely handle the jargon in Finnish, let alone in English, so we will probably stick to writing mostly in our mother tongue. All the same, we will try to provide you with at least some content as we are, sure enough, flattered by your interest in Kisen! :)

From now on (August 2009) all English language postings will be tagged with the word "international" so you can always click on this tag to have only English language content. Alternatively you can simply navigate to this page, in the end, both do the same thing. As always, we are happy to answer any questions. You'll find the e-mail address in the navigation bar on the right.

Briefly about Kisen. Kisen is an international 5.5 m class yacht built in 1954 designed by Gösta Kyntzell and built by the Wilenius boatyard in Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish), Finland. The boat has been out of water since about 2004 and is currently under thorough renovation. More about the work done and planned later.

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